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Good ideas. We've all had them, but generally they tend to be few and far between. To help you make money and keep you from losing money, we scour academic journals of finance, Wall Street research and more obscure sources for the best investment ideas out there.

Like all good ideas, the ones we find are as applicable today as they will be in 10 years, and they're just as relevant for your real portfolio as your game portfolio.

Just click on any idea to call it up.

Layoff Announcements Not Necessarily A Positive Development . Excited by a recent layoff announcement? Studies show that many companies continue to do poorly even after layoffs. Cutbacks must be paired with a good long-term plan in order to successfully boost profits.

Taking a Stand in the Companies You Own. You can improve the performance of companies you own--by complaining loudly.

How to Pick a Mutual Fund. You can be just as good, if not better, a judge of mutual funds than the personal finance magazines.

Full Service Brokers a Misunderstood Lot. Despite their hefty commissions, full-service brokers can add value--mostly by holding your hand through tough times.

Doing Due Diligence on Your Financial Consultant. Investors often overlook researching their financial consultant. Don't make the same mistake.

Aggregate Portfolio Risk More Important than Individual Mutual Fund Risk By buying mutual funds in several asset classes, you can increase returns and lower risk.

Variable Annuities--Not Right for Everyone. Don't invest in variable annuities until you've maxed out your other tax-deferred accounts.

Look for Growth in Service Industry Consolidators Companies that buy up other mom and pop service businesses are on a roll.

Beware of Predictions.

Dividend Cuts Mean Good Things to Come.

Dollar Cost Averaging: Irrational but Smart

Don't Borrow Money From Your Retirement Plan

Closed-end Funds Hot in Early January

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$Idea Central

Top 10 Standings
(Players with the highest percentage returns this week as of May 7, 2021. For monthly and long-term standings, click here.)

Name Percentage Gain
merrill59 99.52%
johnsobr 99.25%
Mario45 98.81%
jennuaaay 98.58%
x13golf 97.26%
Seanmid21 94.86%
dsorensen141 93.06%
samestigoy 92.77%
bmerkt 92.20%
jikemiya 87.31%
Standings are based on the overall portfolio value calculated at the end of each trading day.


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