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Stock Market Challenge

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Top 10 Standings
(Players with the highest percentage returns this week as of September 21, 2018. For monthly and long-term standings, click here.)

Name Percentage Gain
dirtydan 98.80%
DirtyDan 98.80%
bburkey 95.82%
MrDeAdJoKeR 95.38%
Micheal 95.16%
micheal 95.16%
brannlemm 95.01%
sriley 94.88%
SRiley 94.88%
johnsobr 93.93%
Standings are based on the overall portfolio value calculated at the end of each trading day.


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MSFT: Microsoft Corporation $114.06
IBM: International Business Machines $151.65
INTC: Intel Corporation $46.41
CSCO: Cisco Systems, Inc. $48.28
ORCL: Oracle Corporation $51.03
AAPL: Apple Inc. $218.66
PFE: Pfizer, Inc. $44.08
XOM: Exxon Mobil Corporation $85.10
GE: General Electric Company $12.37
JPM: JP Morgan Chase & Co. $118.05